On Compassion


So, I had a moment of insight the other day when pondering how best to explain compassion to those who have none. Not for any specific reason, it’s just that these are the kinds of things I think about sometimes. Anyway, here’s what I came up with:

“If a person is hurting, pray for them in their manner, not in yours. Because it will be their faith and your support that helps them, not the other way around.”

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A Case for Homemade Cleaners


Have you ever stopped and thought about how successful the cleaning industry is? Between ‘health and beauty’ products and ‘home cleaning’ products, we get taken for quite a ride as to what we need, and how much we need to spend on it.  These are harsh chemicals that we allow in our home, around pets and children, and lather up with.  Honestly, go grab the first cleaning product you can reach, and if you can’t find an ingredient that’s over 15 characters long, I’d be surprised. Continue reading

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140 Words


Recently, I have been observing how easy it is for people to express a number of negative emotions, such as hate, anger, and disgust, in the space of 140 characters. Here, I will present 140 words that represent positive ideas:

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On Perception and Logical Fallacy


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my thoughts on perception, and on why perception matters more than intention, especially in today’s world. I stand by what I said, and will continue to say it over and over. However, I also believe that I failed to address some additional important points regarding that topic. I forgot to mention the effects of the enemies of perception, mental blocks that prevent one from perceiving anything at all. The most prevalent of these mental blocks is the oldest enemy of perception: the logical fallacy. The logical fallacy, of course, takes many forms, but I’m going to specifically address the things that relate to what I was saying before. Continue reading

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On Perception


“Perception is everything.”

How many times have you heard this phrase? Have you ever heard this phrase? Certainly, it is an idea that the modern world rebels against. “Be who you want to be”, we are told, from a very early age (or should be, at least). But right on the coattails of that is another phrase, “Don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you.” It’s good advice, I’ll admit. It’s advice I certainly followed. I’ve never cared much about what people think of me, and I’ve gotten pretty darned far because of it. I’ve gotten some pretty thick skin because of it. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve wondered… is it really such good advice, all of the time? Some of the time, definitely. Most of the time, maybe. But all of the time?

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Recipe: Homemade Potato Chips

These tempting potato chips can be yours!

These tempting potato chips can be yours!

So I hear you like potato chips.  Of course you do, what’s not to like about crispy, flavorful rounds of potato seasoned to perfection? Well… other than the price.  And, well, maybe the air content to potato-y goodness ratio isn’t so great.

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