About Stone and Sage

Stone and Sage is a site dedicated to removing complication from existence. Our philosophy is that unhappiness and stress result from the addition of artificial complexities into the things that keep us alive and make us human. Therefore, whether it’s by providing recipes for food without unpronounceable chemicals in it or by figuring out how to deal with the underlying issues of a situation, we remove the unnecessary elements from life and get down to what is important.

The use of the word ‘stone’ in our site represents the earth and all that comes from it. Excessive artificiality breeds complication, whether it is in regards to physical goods or emotional well-being. A stone exhibits the ideals of simplicity: pure and natural beauty, strength without aggression, the ability to weather adversity without adding to it.

Sage is often used to ‘cleanse’ an area; that is, to remove spiritual and emotional weight from an area and restore a natural sense of neutrality to it. ‘Sage’ is also used to refer to a person who possesses wisdom from a combination of academics and life experience.


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