About Greg

Hello, I’m Greg, and I have some things to say. I don’t necessarily want to say them as loud as I can, but I do want to say them to anyone who will listen. I’ll probably be quite blunt, and I will, at times, use profanity. I will also use metaphor a lot as well. Sometimes, I will use both at once, as the best way to make a metaphor understandable is to make it profane enough for people to pay attention to it.

My discipline is Engineering, and I try to apply logic and reason to my understanding of a world that is becoming increasingly devoid of both. I generally latch on to whatever topic has caught my attention at the moment, and then I figure out how I feel about it. I trace that feeling back to its source, and then I put my thoughts on it into words. Hopefully they are words that other people want to listen to, or at least will start discussion.

I have spent a year or so writing about video games, and continue to do so. However, I envision my contributions to this site being separate from that: an outlet for me to write about my thoughts on society and to show people who may have the same ideas as I do that they are not alone in their thoughts and concerns.

[Contact info will eventually go here.]


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