About Becca

Hello! I’m Becca, and apparently I’m writing.

I suppose I should start by saying that I feel that life is difficult enough without having to make it more so.  I like finding the simpler, more organic way to approach a situation, be it cleaning, cooking or organizing a space.  Not everything has to be complicated. Simply being effective works just fine for me.

I’d like to think that I approach life in the same manner, with understanding that there is inherent worth and dignity to each person. It certainly makes for an interesting world view considering today’s political climate.

As for the mundane details of my beautiful existence: I’m a Yankee at heart that’s moved to the state of Texas. I live in a two-bedroom apartment where I’ve taken on the title of ‘Mistress of the Mess’.   I’ve come to realize that not much in life is certain, and pursuing answers is part of what makes us whole.



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