140 Words


Recently, I have been observing how easy it is for people to express a number of negative emotions, such as hate, anger, and disgust, in the space of 140 characters. Here, I will present 140 words that represent positive ideas:

Love, peace, admiration, acceptance, friendship, caring, camaraderie, consideration, happiness, joy, serenity, calm, balance, respect, mercy, appreciation, maturity, attachment, fondness, devotion, patience, kindness, sympathy, harmony, stability, tranquility, assurance, innocence, regard, honor, cheerfulness, contentment, optimism, euphoria, enjoyment, selflessness, charity, philanthropy, understanding, hope, honesty, soothing, imagination, meditation, confidence, introspection, logic, relief, support, reflection, creativity, spirit, freedom, independence, self-reliance, reliability, dependability, empathy, contentment, fulfillment, beauty, temperance, moderation, comprehension, awareness, discernment, steadfastness, faithfulness, trust, certainty, security, warmth, endurance, safety, restoration, pacifism, accomplishment, triumph, altruism, healing, invigoration, energetic, perception, equality, recognition, unity, reason, virtue, agreement, solidarity, individuality, health, cooperation, kinship, quietude, placidity, dignity, familiarity, fellowship, openness, intimacy, compatibility, determination, reconciliation, coexistence, goodwill, enlightenment, education, cultivation, wisdom, insight, improvement, intellectualism, insight, jubilation, humor, delight, esteem, celebration, reliance, affection, accord, impartiality, companionship, comfort, forethought, contemplation, artistry, thoughtfulness, ingenuity, experience, gentleness, politeness, resonance, concern, discretion, generosity, tolerance, hospitality, togetherness.

If you really feel the need to vent extreme emotion through the utilization of social media, I urge you to pick one, or several, words from this list and write about those. I assure you, it will make the world a much better place, and is a step, however small, toward redeeming the image of the internet as a whole. And yes, internet, I know you have it in you. A great many of these words were crowdsourced. It is possible to come up with ideas that are not rooted in negativity.

This has been a public service announcement from someone striving for the betterment of human interaction.

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