Recipe: Homemade Potato Chips

These tempting potato chips can be yours!

These tempting potato chips can be yours!

So I hear you like potato chips.  Of course you do, what’s not to like about crispy, flavorful rounds of potato seasoned to perfection? Well… other than the price.  And, well, maybe the air content to potato-y goodness ratio isn’t so great.

The humble potato is the root of our chip adventure today.

The humble potato is the root of our chip adventure today.

So what’s a resourceful person to do when they want sweet, delectable potato goodness in chip form? Make them yourself, naturally. It’s ridiculously easy to make in the microwave. The results are hot, fresh, and amazing–all for a fraction of the cost of a bag of your favorite store-bought brand. Grab your potato (or really, any root vegetable will do for this recipe, as it’s fairly versatile)!

Got your potato? Excellent. Give it a good scrub down in your sink, as potatoes can be dirty.  Don’t skin the potato–that skin is full of nutrients and is part of the flavor.  Besides, have you ever seen ‘gourmet’ potato chips? Those are the ones that cost a few bucks more and may be made with organic potatoes and other root veggies. They leave the skin on, too.

Time to assemble the kitchen equipment:

A medium sized bowl, a mandoline (or sharp knife), and an oil sprayer are necessary equipment for this level up in kitchen crafting.

A medium sized bowl, a mandoline (or sharp knife), and an oil sprayer are necessary equipment for this level up in kitchen crafting.

1) First, you need a medium size bowl that is filled with cold water.  This is where you will be tossing your potato chips once cut.  The reason for this is to help them remain crisp and to soak out some of the starch.

2) You will also need a mandoline (pictured to the right) or a sharp knife and a can of cooking oil.

3) You will also need a microwave safe plate and paper towels to help soak up some of the oil and water. Once you have all of these things assembled, start cutting your potato down to size.  Specifically, you are looking to cut each slice between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch.  This is where the mandoline comes in handy, but if you don’t have one, a sharp knife will do.

03-Cut-Raw-ChipsEach freshly sliced potato chip should be placed directly in the bowl of water.  If you are using a mandoline, you may wish to position the base over the bowl so they can just drop down.  When you are finished with you cutting you will notice that the water is no longer clear.  The cloudiness is the excess starch from the potato chips leeching out, and is completely normal. Give the uncooked chips a good mix around the bowl around in the bowl for a moment.   Make sure that none of your pieces are stuck together, as that makes for difficult chip-making.

04-Arranged-on-PlateNext, place a paper towel on your microwave-safe plate.  Begin arranging the potato chips around on the plate, setting as many on there that can fit in a single layer without touching each other.  It’s an art form, really.  Spray the chips down with your cooking oil of choice.  This is the stage that you can season them as you wish: salt and pepper, malt salt, dry rub–go wild if you want.  These chips do hold flavor well, and will be fine with no added flavor if you wish to go au natural. Toss the whole plate in the microwave, as your potato will be chipified in several  shifts.

05-One-Side-DoneThe timer should be set for three minutes at full power. Let those babies crisp up a bit.  If they have not started to brown up at the end of three minutes, increase the time in thirty second intervals.  Once the process starts, it accelerates rapidly.  You are not looking for a full crisp factor on side one, that’s for the next stage of the game. Just a little bit of brownness and some crinkling along the edges will do nicely.  Once you have achieved this stage, pull them out of the microwave. The plate may be hot, so be careful!

06-FlipAll right, the plate is out of the microwave, and the next step is pretty clear. You need to flip over each half-crisped potato chip.  A light coating of cooking spray and whatever seasoning you are using would not be amiss at this point. Place the plate back into the microwave for three minutes time at half power.  Full power will not make this process go faster, but it will burn them, if you’re into that sort of thing. Golden, crisp deliciousness takes time and patience. If they do not look like righteous potato chips after their spin in the microwave, add time at 30 second intervals at half power!

So you have your first round of potato chips finished? Excellent. Transfer them to a different dish and repeat until all of your potato goodness is crispy and ready for devouring. Below is a plate of chips from one medium size potato. Snack happy!


Who knew one potato could look so good?!


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