Signal Ratio: An Engineer’s Suggestions for Social Communication Theory


There is a field in electrical engineering called ‘communication theory’ which basically encompasses all of the equations and technologies that it takes in order to get information from one place to another place using electronics. The applications of communication theory are things such as radio, television, ethernet, wireless internet, and cellular technology, among many others. Though the results of the field are broad, the same fundamental principles can be applied to pretty much any method of electronic communication, at least in terms of basic starting points for more complex ideas.

Why is this important? Well, I got to thinking about how the communication of ideas works in the social sense, and I realized that the same basic ideas can be used to help our understanding of how ideas propagate through social mediums as well.

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More On Social Media


In the wake of my colleague’s post regarding social media, I did a bit of thinking about my own interactions. Sure, some of that was prompted by certain world events, but not as much of it as you would think. I was actually thinking more about personal interactions over social media, and what constituted a ‘meaningful interaction’, or at least, what was an interaction that I would consider meaningful. Without belaboring the point, I started out with the suggestion put forth in the last post and took it a bit further; I removed people from my friends lists that, I thought, didn’t really have a reason to be there.

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Aims: Planting Roots and Branching Out


Talent, of any kind, starts with a seed, a small bit of inspiration somewhere that results in an idea, or an opportunity, or a curiosity. That’s just one part of it though. The rest is what a person decides to do with that talent. A seed, by itself, doesn’t really accomplish a whole lot, as in order for it to grow it must be nurtured and given the proper environment to develop. And once it has grown up, well, that’s where the interesting part starts, because only then does it start to grow out.

On a related note, I have just listened to Vienna Teng’s new album, Aims.

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On Social Media


I’ve never been one for large communities of people.  Small groups of social gatherings are fine, and cherished times for me.  Larger groups always seem daunting, even overwhelming at times. Everything happens so quickly, it’s hard to appreciate the moments as they stand.

Enter Social Media, which invites you and the rest of the world to keep in touch with just about everyone you ever met. Sounds like a great idea, until you have a few hundred people all telling you what they made for dinner, what relationship drama they are having, money troubles, and generally sharing more information online than one would have found in a phone conversation, or perhaps even during a chat over coffee. It’s pervasive, and it’s somehow become the common norm that if something is put ‘out there’ and you missed it, you’re inconsiderate for not knowing about it.

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Storage in Plain Sight and Labeling


Confession time, with Becca.

I am a labeler.  I have this thing–call it OCD, or just the need to not mess around with things in my home unless it is necessary–Things need to be labeled.  From staple items in a pantry, to the contents of boxes, to homemade goods, to what switch does what on the entertainment center, my home has its fill of labels.

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Paper Towel-less Home


I admit it. I’m a bit of a treehugger.

We recycle in my home as though the act is a religious ritual. The sorting, the separating, the trek down to the recycling bin. It’s always been a part of my life, as I grew up in New England where we took time out of our regularly scheduled classes to talk about recycling and have quizzes on what triangulated numbers we could recycle in our area.  Doing this small thing to help keep things out of landfills always seemed second nature.   Continue reading

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Basic Natural Cleaning


Making your own cleaners is a great way to steer clear of chemicals and ingredients you don’t necessarily want near your skin, children, and pets.  If you’ve never tried to make your own cleaners, you might feel daunted by the task.  However, this doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing case. Starting out small is a great way to see how easy it is to switch to natural home cleaning.  The best part about cleaning without all the heavy chemicals, is that you probably have most of the ingredients for some basic things, already. Try some of these basic steps for spiffing up your home. Continue reading

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